Intrabar Backtesting Addon for Ninjatrader

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If you are developing day trading or high freequency trading strategies with small profit target or stop loss, this add-on is critical to you on NinjaTrader.

This intrabar add-on we programmed for years will allow Ninjatrader to handle intrabar backtesting correctly and fix the strategy's SetProfitTarget and SetStopLoss problem shown on the screenshots below.

Simply place our move our addon to NinjaTrader type folder as an add-on, then you can do backtesting even on 1 tick Profit Target or Stop Loss, or else NinjaTrader will work incorreclty as the screenshots below shwon.

In this following demo, we use 5 ticks SetProfitTarget and 5 ticks SetStopLoss to compare the backtesting result before and after applying our intrabar backtesting solution.

Ninjatrader's Intrabar SetTargetProfit and SetStopLoss Problems

Applying Intrabar Fix

Intrabar backtesting on Ninjatrader is now all working correctly

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